LAST TO OPEN, my second (or third depending on how you look at it!!) photo book IS FINALLY HERE. After spending 7 hours writing the initial proposal, crafting countless e-mails to find and select the 30 wonderful people featured in the book, flying around the USA to document the subjects (...and getting in a gnarly car accident!), editing the photos, and rearranging the layout for weeks, (coupled with general blood, sweat and tears...) LAST TO OPEN is ready to be loved by you.

In December 2020, I was chosen as the Circadian Pictures Creative Fund 2020 grant winner. I was overwhelmed and honored to be selected. My proposal revolved around the idea of exploring the stagnation of the music industry in 2020 through the eyes of the live crew who experienced great loss. Circadian Pictures gave me the resources to make this happen. The book is here! You can read more about the Creative Fund here: https://circadianpictures.com/creativefund

In the 80 pages, you'll find portraits, handwritten letters, and imagery surrounding the people involved in live music. I set out to collect these letters and shoot these photos in early 2021. The COVID-19 pandemic was still very prevalent, but enough time had passed where those featured in this book had settled into a live music-less normal. I put on a KN-95 mask, donned a face shield, and traveled to 31 homes throughout Nashville, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles.

I am always and forever grateful for the support of my art.

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